Time Challenge

Your challenge is as follows:

You live right near Apollo Parkways PS and want to go to the movies in the city. To get there you need to catch public transport to the city and then return home the same way.

You need to research (using movie and public transport timetables) the following:

1. Where do you catch the public transport from?

2. What time will you catch the public transport?

3. What time will you arrive in the city?

4. Where will you exit the public transport?

5. What movie will they be seeing and where will you see it?

6. What time does the film start?

7. What time (approximately) does the film finish?

8. Where from and what time will you leave the city on public transport?

9. Where and what time will you arrive home?

To complete this task you will need to create an itinerary for the trip. Your itinerary should include times, locations and the plan for the day’s events. You need to take into account the time it would take to move from one place to another (eg: from the public transport to the movie theatre).

You can use your iPad to do your research and you can complete you itinerary in your Maths book.

Good luck!



Work out an itinerary for a day out into the city. You need to visit two of the following locations:

Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne Museum

Old Melbourne Gaol

You also need to visit Southbank for lunch.

On your ipad in pages, create a timetable of your day including travel time, the duration you will be at each location and all costs involved.

Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels

View the BTN story below and answer the following questions in your English book. Remember to include either the question in the answer or the question and the answer.


1. Give examples of fossil fuels.
2.How do living things turn into fossil fuels?
3. Which substance is one of the main ingredients in fossil fuels?
4. What three things are needed to create fossil fuels?
5. What is meant by the following statement: Changing the recipe a little can change the fossil fuel you produce at the end.
6. Fossil fuels are a renewable resource. True or false?
7. What are the disadvantages of burning fossil fuels?
8. What have seven of the wealthiest nations decided about using fossils fuels in the future?
9. What are some other energy options that could be used
instead of fossil fuels?
10. Do you think it’s a good idea for countries to stop using fossil
fuels by the end of the century? Explain your answer.

Book Report

Things you will need to include:

  1. The title of your book. (and a photo of your book)
  2. The author of your book.
  3. Write in detail about a minimum of 3 characters. You need to include who they are, what were they like (personality), what role they played in the book and what you personally thought about the character (whether you liked them or not).
  4. The setting: You need to write in detail about the setting of the book. Where did the story take place? What were the places like? What kind of environment did the story take place in. (You made need to describe more than one setting if your story took place in more than one area)
  5. Summary: Give a detailed summary of what happens throughout the story. Include the introduction of the book and the main plot points throughout.
  6. Conclusion: How did the story end? Was the conflict resolved? Do you feel that the ending of the book was satisfying? Why do you feel that way?
  7. Recommendation: You need to convince someone to read this book. Write down the things you would say to encourage a friend to borrow this book from the library and read it. Think about what made the book enjoyable, whether it made you need to keep turning pages to find out what happened.
  8. Follow up: Find out another book that was written by the same author as your Lit. Circle book. Write down the title and explain what the blurb says the book is about. Would you be interested in reading this book? Why/why not?

Wind + Solar

Wind Energy


View the BTN story below and answer the questions into your Inquiry book.

1. Describe the size of a wind turbine.
2. About how many wind farms are there in Australia?
3. All of the wind farms in Australia produce enough energy to power how many homes?
4. What did the Prime Minister say about wind farms recently?
5. What are the advantages of wind farms?
6. What are the disadvantages?
7. Why are some people opposed to wind farms?
8. What has the Government promised will happen by 2020?
9. Illustrate an aspect of this story.
10. What do you think about wind farms?


Solar Energy

Click on the link below and view the BTN story. Complete the following questions in your Inquiry book.


1. Briefly summarise the Solar Energy story.
2. Record in your book what you learnt about photons.
3. Which chemical element is used to make solar panels?
4. The flow of electrons through a solar panel is called _______________.
5. Solar power is a non-renewable energy. True or false? What does non-renewable mean?
6. What are the benefits of using solar energy?
7. What are the disadvantages?
8. Where in Australia are they going to build a solar farm?
9. How many homes will it power?
10. Do you think more people in Australia should install solar panels? Why or why not?

Narrative Writing

You need to create an imaginative piece of writing using one of the photos below. You will have 10 minutes to plan your story, 60 minutes to write it and 20 minutes to edit it. While editing use a red pen so it is clear where you have edited your writing. This must be handwritten on lined paper. This piece of writing will be used in your digital portfolio. Make sure it is clear which photo you are using as inspiration.

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