Reading Rotations

Reading Rotations Group Task

View this BTN story on Bottled Water and answer the questions below in your English books. You will need to write both the question and the answer when completing the task. Remember to click on the link to view the page.


1. Write a brief outline of the BtN bottled water story.
2. Why do people drink bottled water?
3. Where does most of the water we buy in Australia come from?
4. Why do you think some farmers started selling water?
5. What do opponents of bottled water want to happen?
6. Why are they against bottled water?
7. What are some advantages of tap water?
8. When is it essential to drink bottled water?
9. What do water bottlers say about the environmental concerns?
10. What do you think should happen next?

Reading Rotations Individual Task

Use the book “Wicked and Wonderful Water to complete the following questions in your English book.

1. What is the scientific name for water and what is it made up of?

2. Explain the “Water Cycle.”

3. Where are all the places water can be found in our world?

4. Hopw can water change the way our planet looks?

5. How does a drought occur and what are its effects?

6. When and where can floods be beneficial?

7. Why is Venice in Italy unique?

8. Why is it important to save water? How can you save water?

9. Should we stop the production of bottled water? Write a paragraph on your opinion stating the reasons you belive this.

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