You need to read the following information about Venus and then answer the questions. Complete this work in your English book using full sentences. You do not need to complete the last question of the activity underneath the heading ‘Hands On’.
Note: Before you answer the question underneath the heading ‘Create’ you need to investigate how each planet in our solar system was named. Where did the name come from and who discovered that planet?


Happy Holidays

Hi 6M! Hope you are having an amazing holidays. As if the Tigers won the GF! Who would have thought?

I’m pretty sure you are all doing some awesome things so don’t come back to school saying you have done NOTHING over the holidays. If that really is the case, at least you should have done your ‘Housing Estate’. Remember that it is due back on the first day of school.

Term 4 is going to be the busiest term in your schooling life with your high school orientation, ‘A Day in Year 7’, the Apollo Film Fest and don’t forget Graduation. So you definitely don’t want to be catching up on last terms work.

Enjoy the last few days and get ready for a BIG ONE!

Mr M.

Morning Writing

Post as a comment your response to these questions. You need to think hard about what you want to write. Simple answers like ‘I was in a plane crash’ ‘my name is…’ and ‘I’m a kind person’ are not acceptable. It is not always easy to think about yourself, however in this activity you need to look inside yourself and truly write how you would like to be remembered.


Early finishes can complete the activity below in your English book. Remember to rule a margin and use neat handwriting.

Choose an Ending

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