Lit. Circles

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  • A boy named Anzac tells us the story of what happens to his great great grandfather in WW1.
    False, the Second World War was not fought in Gallipoli. People still pay their respects to people who have fought in WW2
    A.N.Z.A.C stands for Australian New Zealand army core.
    The boy his grandfather & his great great grandfather all have the name Anzac.
    5. Anzacs great great grandfather fought in WW1
    6. July 28th 1914.
    7. Arthur Walker had to lie about being aboriginal and lie about being married, because of the policy at the time.
    8. Sunday April 25th 1915.
    9. Australia is the country Gallipoli was held at.
    10. No I haven’t. If I have I probably would’ve been crying over the horrific things that have happened in the world war.

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