H.O.M Character Analyser

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Choose a character that was in the chapters you have read for Literacy Circles this week and identify a ‘Habits of Mind’ they showed (or a habit that they were not showing). Describe how this character demonstrated this habit. You need to identify 3 examples of ‘Habits of Mind’ being used from the chapters you read. They can be from the same character or different characters. Present your work in a table set out like this:




Character: Habit shown: How the habit was shown:
Emma Judge Striving for accuracy Emma set high standards for herself and kept looking for ways to improve how she used the cockroaches
Peter Applying past knowledge to new situations Peter used what he was able to do to the butterflies and then did the same thing to the cockroaches
Emma Judge Taking responsible risks Emma took a responsible risk and tried something new when she thought of the first plan to invade the Cadwalladers house with cockroaches


In your Literacy Circles meeting session:

  • Tell your group the ‘Habits of Mind’ you identified. Can your group identify which character displayed this habit?
  • Read the description of how the habit was shown. Can they now identify which character it is?
  • Reveal the character you were analysing

Below is the link to all the HOM posters.


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