Your job is to find connections between the book and: yourself; the world; or other texts. Consider the list below when you make your connections:

  • Your own past experiences
  • Stories in the news (world events)
  • Similar events at other times and places
  • Other people or problems you are reminded of
  • Connections between this book and other books or texts on the same topics
  • Subjects studied at school

From the chapters you have read this week, you need to make 4 connections. Set your work out in the table as follows:



Connection #1 In the first chapter Mr. Murlin makes a statement that ‘Good teachers write their own lessons’. Being a teacher, I was able to connect with this as I also believe that good teachers create their own lessons and don’t rely solely on text books and worksheets. There are a lot of text books out for teachers to read, and some are great, but it creates a much more exciting and engaging lesson to use ideas you have seen and combine them with your own to make the most of what you want to teach.
Connection #2 When Scott wrote his composition called ‘Why I Am Not a Boring Person’ he talked about people having glass skins where you can see food digesting and babies growing inside pregnant woman. Having been pregnant, I made a connection to this, as when a baby is growing, you can see it moving around inside your stomach through your skin and it is such a strange feeling to see little feet and hands poking out and squirming around. He also said it would be easier for doctors to see them. This reminded me of having an ultrasound where you get to see the baby and all its features, which is both amazing and weird.
Connection #3 Mr. Murlin’s unconventional teaching methods remind me of how the teacher in the movie ‘Dangerous Minds’ approaches her class. In most classrooms things are taught in a pretty similar way, but both Mr. Murlin and the main character in Dangerous Minds take the curriculum and completely change the way they approach how to teach it. Students in both their classes are a bit unsure of their methods, but all come around and appreciate the effort and creativeness they use to engage them.
Connection #4 When Scott went to Michael Marsh’s farm in the country, it reminded me of when I was in primary school and I used to go with my friend Simone to stay at her dad’s house in a place called Yarck. Just like Scott and Michael, we did lots of cool stuff on the farm like ride motorbikes and explore the farm at night. I used to think it would be fun to live on a farm with so much land and animals everywhere.


In your Literacy Circles meeting session:

  • Share your connection with your group members.
  • Encourage them to respond if they can relate to the connections you have made.


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