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Term 4 Week 2 DUE: MONDAY 23rd OCT



Term 3 Week 8

Due: Monday 11th September

Term 3 Week 7

Term 3 Week 6

Term 3 Week 5

Term 3 Week 4

Term 3 Week 3

Term 3 Week 2

Term 3 Week 1

Term 2 Homework.

T2 Week 8

Grand Designs example

T2 Week 6 Homework

T2 Week 5

Homework Term 2

T2 Week 3 HW

Lotus Diagram


T2 Week 1 HW-tga4wy


Homework T1 W9 2017 camp-

Homework T1.W6 2017

T1W5 2017

Homework T1.W4 2017

personification homework 20.2.17

Homework T1W3 2017

Homework T1W2 2017

If you are looking for Term 4 homework you can find it on the 6J blog.
Term 3

Last homework for the term.

This week you have one task to complete. You need to create a 15-20 second iMovie with the purpose of convincing your viewers to read a book. You can choose a specific book or try to motivate someone to read in general. This will be very helpful leading up to our Film Fest. Remember your goal is to inspire and motivate.

Good Luck.




T3 Week 8 HW

T3 Week 6 HW

T3 Week 5 HW
T3 Week 4 HW (PDF)
T3 Week 4 HW
T3 Week 3 HW
T3 Week 2 HW
T3 Week 1 HW

Quality Homework

Quality homework consists of your best effort, and includes ruled margins, clear headings and complete answers. It does not necessarily require extra adornment such as shaded pages, stickers and fancy artwork, although you are welcome to do so, if you enjoy doing it.

Previous Weeks

Homework Term 2 Week 7

Homework Term 2 Week 6

Map Scale Practise

Homework Term 2 Week 5

Homework Term 2 Week 4

Lotus Diagram Grade 6

Homework Term 2 Week 3

Homework Term 2 Week 2

Homework Week 1 Term 2

Homework T1W8_9 Parking Lot

Homework T1W5 2016

Homework T1W4 2016

Homework T1W3 2016

Place Value Chart

Homework T1W2 2016




Previous Weeks

Homework T4W52015

Below is the BTN from this weeks homework.

Watch: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4340750.htm

Homework T4W42015

Homework T4W32015

Homework T4W22015

 Homework T4W12015


If you have not finished your work from last term, you need to have it completed by Friday. This includes your Housing Estate and your Information Report Poster.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 2.34.41 pm



Homework T2W8 2015 copy
Grand Designs example

Homework T2W7 2015

Lotus Diagramgrade 6

Education Week: Week 6 Homework Task


Homework T2W5 2015

Homework T2W4 2015

IMG_3644 IMG_3645 IMG_3646

Homework T2W3 2015

Homework T2W2 2015

Homework T2W1 2015


  • Mr Moore,

    Could you please post the homework for every week on your blog. It is a bit tricky to find the other blogs.


  • Dear Mr Moore,
    Could you please post T4W52015 homework, as we will get less time to do our homework because of the long weekend? Thank you.

    • Hey Bella.
      Ms Ward will be putting up next weeks homework on her blog on Wednesday. It will be modified becasue of the short week, so you won’t have to worry about completing the usual amount of work. Enjoy your time off!
      Mr Moore.

  • Dear Mr Moore,
    I have borght the wrong homework book I have Borght the even book I’m sorry but I got confused I was wondering if I could get away with it this week.
    Thanks Rarnee

  • Dear Mr Moore
    I accidentally left my lit circles in my tub so it is incomplete. When I get to school I will get it out and do as much as I can before the bell. I will even take it home and finish it then. I’m sorry and I will complete it as soon as possible.
    From Rarnee

    • Hi Rarnee,
      Thanks for letting me know. This week we will be working on a book report about your Lit. Circles book. Hopefully you are close to being done.
      Mr. M

  • Dear Mr Moore,
    I have one question to ask that is if you are at a friends house could you do the homework for the why we should read a book?
    All the best Nick

    • Hey Nick,
      Of course you can. You can do it anywhere, it doesn’t have to be done at home. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
      Mr. M.

  • Dear Mr Moore
    I don’t know where to find this weeks homework on the blog,
    can you please let me know where it is.
    Thanks from Rikard

    • Hey Rikard, you aren’t leaving your homework for a Sunday are you?
      It is in the homework section of Mrs Simpson’s blog. 😉

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