Macquarie Island

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1. In your own words, summarise the Macquarie Island story.
2. How much is the pest control program costing?
3. Macquarie Island is part of New Zealand. True or false?
4. Where is Macquarie Island located?
5. Why were rabbits first introduced to Macquarie Island?
6. Describe the damage the pests are causing.
7. How are helicopters being used to get rid of the rodents?
8. Which animal is being used in the program?
9. Why has the program been criticised by some people?
10. What do you think? Do you think the pest control program is too expensive?
Explain your answer.
You have spent a lot of this term researching different things. Use those skills to create an A3 poster that creates a profile of Macquarie Island.
Key areas that you should think about including are:
It’s location in relation to Australia and New Zealand, it’s native flora and fauna, the world heritage status, the climate and any special geological features that appear on the island, its relationship with Antarctica (research base), its history of seal hunting and have there been many shipwrecks in the area?
Is there anything else you have come across during your research?

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