Copy and paste the link into safari to watch this B.T.N.


Once you have watched this clip, you need to answer the following questions in your writing book. Remember you need to rule a margin, write the date, and use a heading. When you answer these questions you need to use full sentences. A full sentence uses part of the question in the answer. Below is an example of a short sentence and a full sentence.
Short Sentence Answer
Question: What is this B.T.N called?
Answer: WWF Living Planet Report.
Full Sentence Answer
Question: What is this B.T.N called?
Answer: This B.T.N was called WWF Living Planet Report.

B.T.N Questions

1: Why are scientists calling the period since the mid-1900’s The Great Acceleration?
2: What is biodiversity?
3: What is happening to biodiversity?
4: What percentage of the planet’s animals have been lost over the last 40 years?
5: What do humans depend on healthy ecosystems for?
6: What organisation released the report?
7: How did this story make you feel?

8: How do you think we could solve this problem?

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