Gaming Addiction

Watch the video below. If it does not work, copy and paste the link underneath it.
Once you have watched this video, you will need to answer the following questions in your English book. Remember that you MUST use FULL SENTENCES. The easiest way to do this is to use part of the question in your answer.


1. What organisation has recently listed gaming addiction as a mental health disorder?
2. When is a person addicted to gaming? Use examples from the story in your answer.
3. How does the chemical ‘Dopamine’ make us feel?
4. How do kids who are addicted to games react when they stop playing?
5. What percentage of kids around the world are addicted to gaming?
6. How often a week would you play video games?
7. Which games do you like to play?
8. What is the reason you enjoy playing those games?
9. Do you think playing too many video games can affect your mental health?
10. What does this story make you think about?
If you have completed all these questions, made sure you have used full sentences and checked your spelling and grammar you can complete the next activity.
Draw a scene from your favourite game and write a caption underneath explaining what is going on.
For example:

This is a drawing of when I won a match in Fortnite. I am the last player left out of 100. On the left you can see the outline of the storm that shrinks as the game goes on.


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