You open your eyes and see…..??

We have been focusing on descriptive language in class.

Imagine you are slowly regaining conciousness. You have no memory of what has happened before. You hear many strange and different sounds around you. It doesn’t smell like home.

You slowly open your eyes and see…?

As a post, write a description of what you see as you open your eyes. The picture below is your view from where you have awoken.




  • I open my eyes and see pillars of rock and trees. The clouds look painted onto the sky. The birds are cheering around my ears. Water flowing down a stream. Giant rocks holding up vegetation and floating on pure air. I feel like I’m breathing in heaven. The evening sun shining brightly as it descends behind some mountainous rock. The other side of the forest was painted a dark blue. Two small marble pillars stood in front of me decorated with gold rings on the top of them. I must be in heaven.

  • Nathaniel Soutar (゚ω゚)


    As you wake up you see trees surrounding the high-in-the-sky mountains that show how long they have been alive and standing, the sun shines into your eyes creating crawling shadows, the great mountains have carvings that show their great fullness. Staying their form as the giant waterfall going down to the abyss and watching the graceful birds go over it. There are also floating islands over the waterfall that seem like they’re about to break. Far away you can see many other mountains that tower like the ones near you. But behind the towering mountains there is darkness and a lively forest with more moutains ahead. At the top of the waterfall there are floating islands in it. In front of you there are 2 pillars that look old and rigged like all the mountains.

  • I slowly stood up and looked around, but I couldn’t see anything, soon everything started to spin, even though I wasn’t spinning. I woke up again, my head was still spinning, as my vision cleared up again, my eyes lighted up at the beautiful view I saw, even though they weren’t the clearest, I felt like I saw it as clear as I could. The place was covered with floating rocks and waterfalls rushing past, up in the sky were beautiful clouds as if they were beautifully drawn on by an artist with the playful blues, oranges and yellows sky as an background. The light beautifully shows the clear water and the rocks floating above the water. On the top of the floating rocks and rocks were trees that decorated the beautiful rocks with dark greens and lime greens. As the mist started to set in, it seemed to become even more beautiful and magical, as if you were in your own magical world where you were isolated from all humans and technology.

  • Open your eyes

    I slowly opened my eyes. I all I saw was a blur. I felt dizzy. My head hurts. Soon the blur was gone. I was surprised. There was a floating diamond shaped island on the right and further in the distance was a carrot shaped island. Both of them had trees. It was mystical! There was a beautiful waterfall going down between these two giant tall rocks further to the left. The waterfall was connected to a crystal blue lake. There are white birds flying above the lake. The lake faded into the distance because of the line of fog. The two tall brown rocks were slightly covered with trees that had green leaves. At the bottom you can see a big tree with dark green leaves and a tiny tree on the left side of the tree. Behind the tiny tree are two old dusty creamy colour with a brown colour going around the two poles a few metres going down the top. The brown colour going around the pole was about 2 metres of width. Further into the distance there were many tall rocks. On the left it was dark but on the right was bright the sun was shining onto the rocks. The sky was covered with clouds and the sky was a dark ocean blue. On the right there was a pretty orange, yellow sunset. It was incredible.

  • You see large mountains, like spires raising high into the sky. The air is fresh, yet the cold evening air bites at your face. The sun lets off a warm buttery glow across the horizon. The huge mountains raise to the sky, scraping the clouds. Vegetation flourished across the plains, and you could hear the peaceful chirping of birds as the fly about below you. You look in awe at the floating island defying gravity. The floating islands hover in the spot, and you expect them to come crashing down. You can hear the distant sound of the waterfall that divides the two tall spires. It calms you, and a rainbow is shown from the falling sun. Two tall totems stand below you, and you can see an endless floor of water, and the towering pine trees, making the biggets forset you could see. Fog drifts around in the distance, obscuring your vision, a mysterious land far ahead. Many mountains are in the distance, though clouded with the thick fog. You are in a land of paradise. But who was here before?

  • I open my eyes and see nothing but a blur of magnificent colours, my heavy eyes threatening to close again. I blink many times before I can see a the scenery clearly. I lay out a shaking had and place it gently on the silky grass as I sprawl my legs out to rid of the aching in my joints. I slam my free had on my forehead to block the sun from ruining my view of this wonder in front of me. Millions of small islands floating in mid air with the powerful yellow gleen of the sun bouncing off of each edge, some of the edges having people carved into them. A beautiful array of trees delicately placed on the top of them, clashing with the harsh yellow of the sun, but in a good way. A large body of water underneath all of this making a surface for the shadows to rock on. Far off in the distance I see dark dark blue silhouettes of mountains and large pointed rocks surrounded by rings of clouds just above the surface of the water. In between the two largest rocks is a massive, beautiful waterfall excellently reflecting the suns rays. At the bottom of the waterfall is the cluster of water droplets clouded together in a flurry floating upwards till it disappears into thin air. The sight is absolutely breathtaking if you were there to experience it with your eyes and take in all the glory. I spot my vintage camera in the corner of my glistening eyes and scurry over to collect it into my hands. I fiddle with my hands and bring it up to my face and click the button. It dispenses a photo.

  • My head is spinning as my eyes slowly regain there sight, I see floating island to the right of me with birds as white as snow gliding around them. To the left of me there is a dark mountain filled area with dark greens trees that seem to be whispering to you, in front there are tall and slim mountains that look like they have been carved into shapes a waterfall that falls off those mountains leads into a lake with water that looks like glass as it is so clear. It’s magical like heaven as the sun sets to the right of this amazing place.

  • As I opened my eyes, I saw the blue sky slowly fade into a creamy pink-ish yellow as the sun slowly rose. It’s bright light was blocked by clouds an it’s light was peaking though the clouds in the sky. I could see and hear the waterfalls crash in the ocean. Below me was a couple of trees and I could see trees and mountains in the distance, behind 2 cliffs next to each other in the water. The cliffs were covered in trees and to the right, was a flouting island, surrounded by 2 other smaller islands. On the flouting island was a single tree and a rock was beside it. Between the two cliffs was a water fall that lead to the water below.

  • Open your eyes

    I wake up to a Small gem shaped floating island with roots hanging from the ridged edges and a small delicate tree sitting on the top.
    To the left of it two vertical rocks with dark green moss twisting and turning towards the beautiful blue sky. The sun setting in the background with her just makes the waterfall shine in between the long thick rocks. The sun makes the whole right back corner glow like your staring into the sun. The background is just fogged out enough so that you can just see the shape of the leaves sitting on the tip of the tree. A long rock behind the fog. Small delicate flowing trees just under the trees is a long sparkling navy blue river

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