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  • The beach was cold, with caves up and down the steep cliffs to the right. Waves crashed against the cliffs, and left caves up and down the jagged cliffs. Rocks created an endless sea of jagged grey to the left. Yet, to the right balanced out the darkness. Surfers would always be riding the big waves, and the water was aqua and clear. The sand shone with brightness from the beaming sun, yet it was not warm. Clouds peppered the sky, and huge ships docked to the right. Tall fragile columns of stone stood in the vast blue sea, doomed to soon meet their fate. The icy wind blew against the sand, sending little whirlwinds of sand spiralling across the high sand dunes. Plantation sprayed across the tall sand dunes, adding green to the vast white sand, dull grey rocks and the aqua blue ocean.

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