Aboriginal Flag History

Copy and paste the link below to view this B.T.N story.


Once you have watched the clip you need to answer the following questions in your writing book. They must be answered in full sentences!


1: Why did Vincent Lingiari lead a strike with 200 other Aboriginal people in 1966?

2: Who designed the Aboriginal flag?

3:What do the different colours in the Aboriginal flag represent?

4: Where and when was the Aboriginal flag first flown?

5: Why was it controversial that Cathy Freeman wore both the Australian and Aboriginal flags during her victory lap at the 1994 Commonwealth Games?

6: In what year were the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags made official?

7: What connection does the Aboriginal flag have to Anzac Hill in Alice Springs?

Place Value

You need to work out these sums in your maths grid book. Remember that one number fits per box. Use a red pencil for your equals sign. The black sum is a challenge.

When you have finished the first lot of sums you can move onto the next lot. Everyone can start with the purple sums. These questions are a bit trickier so remember to look at each place value column and figure out what is missing.

If you are confident and looking for a challenge you can continue with the black sums. You don’t have to attempt these if you don’t want to.

These are your final challenge questions. Good luck!


You need to read the following information about Venus and then answer the questions. Complete this work in your English book using full sentences. You do not need to complete the last question of the activity underneath the heading ‘Hands On’.
Note: Before you answer the question underneath the heading ‘Create’ you need to investigate how each planet in our solar system was named. Where did the name come from and who discovered that planet?


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