Camp Clothing List

What should you be taking to camp?

Monday 21st – Wednesday 23rd October 2019.
Grade 4 Camp – Camp clothing and approved items list (click here)

All clothing and items should be clearly labelled with the student’s name.

All clothing and items will need to be packed into one bag/case only.

Please do not bring the following items: money, cameras, mobile phones, pocket knives, electronic games and electronic devices, jewellery, aerosol cans (hairspray, deodorant), extra food / lollies (the only food required is the first day play-lunch and lunch).

Please note that camp rules forbid food to be consumed in the cabin rooms.


Students are required to carry their luggage to and from buses.

Grade 4 – make sure you are able to carry your bag to the car by yourself.

Have you been practising packing your sleeping bag back into its cover ?!

Antarctic Science

Copy and paste the link into safari to watch this B.T.N.

Once you have watched this clip, you need to answer the following questions in your writing book. Remember you need to rule a margin, write the date, and use a heading. When you answer these questions you need to use full sentences. A full sentence uses part of the question in the answer. Below is an example of a short sentence and a full sentence.
Short Sentence Answer
Question: What is this B.T.N called?
Answer: Antarctic Science.
Full Sentence Answer
Question: What is this B.T.N called?
Answer: This B.T.N was called Antarctic Science.


B.T.N Questions

1: Antarctica is described as pristine. In your own words, what does ‘pristine’ mean? You may use a dictionary, but write down your own definition.

2: What is the difference between the North and the South Pole?

3: How much of the planets ice is held in Antarctica?

4: What would happen if all of Antarctica’s ice were to melt? Include two different outcomes in your answer.

5: What were the three different things the Glaciologist said you could find in ice cores?

6: Antarctica is one of 7 continents. What are the other 6?

7: In your own words, explain what this B.T.N was about?

8: What is your opinion on why Antarctica is covered in ice?




Copy and paste this website into safari then watch the B.T.N


Once you have watched the B.T.N answer these questions in your English writing book. Make sure you use full sentences!
1) In your brain, there’s a special area that acts like a clock for your body. How does it work?
2) What is the chemical called that is released in your brain when it is dark?
3) Why does the use of electronic devices at night time effect your sleep?
4) What happens if you don’t get enough sleep?
5) What can you do to ensure you get a good nights sleep?


Once you have completed these questions, go this website.
Using all the information you learn from this website, create a Sleep page in your Inquiry scrap book showing what you have learnt about sleep.




You are going to need to set out these sums vertically in your grid book. Remember to set these out neatly and rule your equals sign in red.
For the following questions you have to be very careful about how you line your numbers up. Make sure each digit is in the place value house it belongs to. Ones lining up in the ones house and same with the tens and hundreds.
These questions are answered in exactly the same way as you always do, there are just more numbers in each equation. Set this out like you are used to and find the answers.


Once you have finished all these sums, below are some worded problems to challenge you.


1) Johnny is a big reader. He loves reading so much that he read a book every day for two whole years! How many books did Johnny read?


2) There were thousands of slimy snails coming together for the snail racing Olympics. 2648 traveled from Australia, 986 embarked from Austria, 6726 left from Russia and 12 came from Romania. How many slimy snails traveled to the Snail Olympics?


3) A Smarty factory produces 103,654 smarties a day. The M + M factory is running out 542,877 M + M’s a day. The Jaffa shop makes 88,631 Jaffa’s each day. How many chocolates are made in total each day?


Extra hard challenge! How many chocolates are made in one week using the information above?

Macquarie Island

Copy and paste the link into safari to watch this B.T.N.


1. In your own words, summarise the Macquarie Island story.
2. How much is the pest control program costing?
3. Macquarie Island is part of New Zealand. True or false?
4. Where is Macquarie Island located?
5. Why were rabbits first introduced to Macquarie Island?
6. Describe the damage the pests are causing.
7. How are helicopters being used to get rid of the rodents?
8. Which animal is being used in the program?
9. Why has the program been criticised by some people?
10. What do you think? Do you think the pest control program is too expensive?
Explain your answer.
You have spent a lot of this term researching different things. Use those skills to create an A3 poster that creates a profile of Macquarie Island.
Key areas that you should think about including are:
It’s location in relation to Australia and New Zealand, it’s native flora and fauna, the world heritage status, the climate and any special geological features that appear on the island, its relationship with Antarctica (research base), its history of seal hunting and have there been many shipwrecks in the area?
Is there anything else you have come across during your research?
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