Macquarie Island

Copy and paste the link into safari to watch this B.T.N.


1. In your own words, summarise the Macquarie Island story.
2. How much is the pest control program costing?
3. Macquarie Island is part of New Zealand. True or false?
4. Where is Macquarie Island located?
5. Why were rabbits first introduced to Macquarie Island?
6. Describe the damage the pests are causing.
7. How are helicopters being used to get rid of the rodents?
8. Which animal is being used in the program?
9. Why has the program been criticised by some people?
10. What do you think? Do you think the pest control program is too expensive?
Explain your answer.
You have spent a lot of this term researching different things. Use those skills to create an A3 poster that creates a profile of Macquarie Island.
Key areas that you should think about including are:
It’s location in relation to Australia and New Zealand, it’s native flora and fauna, the world heritage status, the climate and any special geological features that appear on the island, its relationship with Antarctica (research base), its history of seal hunting and have there been many shipwrecks in the area?
Is there anything else you have come across during your research?





Copy and paste the link into safari to watch this B.T.N.

Once you have watched this clip, you need to answer the following questions in your writing book. Remember you need to rule a margin, write the date, and use a heading. When you answer these questions you need to use full sentences. A full sentence uses part of the question in the answer. Below is an example of a short sentence and a full sentence.
Short Sentence Answer
Question: What is this B.T.N called?
Answer: WWF Living Planet Report.
Full Sentence Answer
Question: What is this B.T.N called?
Answer: This B.T.N was called WWF Living Planet Report.

B.T.N Questions

1: Why are scientists calling the period since the mid-1900’s The Great Acceleration?
2: What is biodiversity?
3: What is happening to biodiversity?
4: What percentage of the planet’s animals have been lost over the last 40 years?
5: What do humans depend on healthy ecosystems for?
6: What organisation released the report?
7: How did this story make you feel?

8: How do you think we could solve this problem?

Gaming Addiction

Watch the video below. If it does not work, copy and paste the link underneath it.
Once you have watched this video, you will need to answer the following questions in your English book. Remember that you MUST use FULL SENTENCES. The easiest way to do this is to use part of the question in your answer.


1. What organisation has recently listed gaming addiction as a mental health disorder?
2. When is a person addicted to gaming? Use examples from the story in your answer.
3. How does the chemical ‘Dopamine’ make us feel?
4. How do kids who are addicted to games react when they stop playing?
5. What percentage of kids around the world are addicted to gaming?
6. How often a week would you play video games?
7. Which games do you like to play?
8. What is the reason you enjoy playing those games?
9. Do you think playing too many video games can affect your mental health?
10. What does this story make you think about?
If you have completed all these questions, made sure you have used full sentences and checked your spelling and grammar you can complete the next activity.
Draw a scene from your favourite game and write a caption underneath explaining what is going on.
For example:

This is a drawing of when I won a match in Fortnite. I am the last player left out of 100. On the left you can see the outline of the storm that shrinks as the game goes on.


Open Your Eyes!

We have been focusing on descriptive language in class.

Imagine you are slowly regaining consciousness. You have no memory of what has happened before. You hear many strange and different sounds around you. It doesn’t smell like home.

You slowly open your eyes and see…?

As a post, write a description of what you see as you open your eyes. The picture below is your view from where you have awoken.



First Fleet

Link if needed:


Answer these questions below in full sentences in your writing book.


1: When is Australia Day?


2: Complete the following sentence: Australia Day marks the anniversary of…


3: Describe life in Britain in the 1700s.


4: Why were prisoners transported to the colonies?


5: What sorts of crimes were committed by people who were transported?


6: How many ships transported convicts in the First Fleet?


7: What do you think life would have been like on board the ships in the First Fleet?


8: Who was the commander chosen to lead the colony?


9: What do you think life wold be like for the settlers once they reached Australia?


Once you have completed these questions it’s time to do a bit of research. You need to discover interesting things to do with the First Fleet. One being about before they embarked on their voyage, one from during the voyage and one about their arrival.

Aboriginal Flag History

Copy and paste the link below to view this B.T.N story.

Once you have watched the clip you need to answer the following questions in your writing book. They must be answered in full sentences!


1: Why did Vincent Lingiari lead a strike with 200 other Aboriginal people in 1966?

2: Who designed the Aboriginal flag?

3:What do the different colours in the Aboriginal flag represent?

4: Where and when was the Aboriginal flag first flown?

5: Why was it controversial that Cathy Freeman wore both the Australian and Aboriginal flags during her victory lap at the 1994 Commonwealth Games?

6: In what year were the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags made official?

7: What connection does the Aboriginal flag have to Anzac Hill in Alice Springs?

Place Value

You need to work out these sums in your maths grid book. Remember that one number fits per box. Use a red pencil for your equals sign. The black sum is a challenge.

When you have finished the first lot of sums you can move onto the next lot. Everyone can start with the purple sums. These questions are a bit trickier so remember to look at each place value column and figure out what is missing.

If you are confident and looking for a challenge you can continue with the black sums. You don’t have to attempt these if you don’t want to.

These are your final challenge questions. Good luck!

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